HELP for the New Year

Each year we set new years resolutions and we hear from every self help author about how to achieve those goals.  If you are one to enjoy self improvement books and audio tapes then check these out.  We recommend listening to Brian Tracy and the late Zig Zigler if you are interested in getting motivated and encouraged.  Zig gives more general advice and Brian Tracy makes more application of the same wisdom. 

Two other great self improvement author/speakers are Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill.  You may recognize Napoleon Hill by his book Think and Grow Rich.  So if you have an aspiration to read more check Napoleon out.  It is well worth your time.  If you are “not a reader” check out the books-on-cd option.  We spend so much time in our cars going to work and other activities.  Turn your vehicle into a university on wheels and see how much you learn!