Why Marriages End After 40 Years

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Research conducted in the last few years shows that nearly 2/3rds of all marriages will end in divorce after a 40 year period. 


Why is that?


I will tell you what doesn’t cause it before I’ll answer what does. 

It isn’t because married people argue. 

It isn’t necessarily because of adultery. 

It isn’t because of incompatibility or a non-existent sex life. 


Most marriages end after 40 years together because somewhere along the way couples stop being friends.  They lost the “marital-friendship.” They stopped getting to know each other.  Or they don’t know how to argue in a healthy way.  It usually happens after the birth of a new baby and after a child leaves home. 


You might be thinking, “How can I reverse this?”


Try going on a date just the two of you, and ask your partner about their day and REALLY listen, get engaged with them in their story. If you take turns and do this for at least 20 minutes a day you’ll see a dramatic turn around. Marriage counseling can help improve your marriage.