Can Marriage Counseling Help When There's Been Domestic Violence?

The answer is it depends.  If there is violence also known as "battery" then no.  In the case where there is battery marriage counseling can actually open you up to more abuse and can open your children up to harm and that's not safe.  If you feel your life is in danger then you need to seek domestic violence intervention now.  You can do that by calling DVIS in Tulsa at 918-743-5763.

If there is no "battery" then you should seek out marriage counseling. Read below for more info. 

30% of dating and engaged couples experience some form of physical violence, and 50% of all marriages at some point have some form of physical violence. 

There is a difference between "unwanted touch" and battery. "Unwanted Touch" is best understood as shoving, slapping, holding someone down, etc. But battery is a form of abuse where the primary aggressor employs violence ranging from pushing to relationship rape to homicide to enhance the aggressor's control over their partner, they instill fear and intimidation. 

Marriage or couples counseling may be appropriate when the woman still has some power within the relationship, and the man shows some capacity to take responsibility for his behavior. Marriage counseling may also be appropriate if you both wish to stay in the relationship as long as the aggression hasn't developed into battery, and where there have been no injuries and the woman isn't afraid of her partner. If you have experienced battery in your relationship check out DVIS in Tulsa at 918-743-5763.

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